Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Bucket List

Life is a part of death and death is a part of life. What can we do to escape this? Well, there is no escaping it and honestly there is no need to either. The cycle of life and death is natural and inevitable, but there is no need to get upset about it. What we need to do is live in the present moment, love one another, do what makes us happy, what makes other people happy and be the best of ourselves.
I was watching Morgan Freeman’s “The Bucket List” where he is diagnosed with cancer of some sort and the doctor says that’s he has at the most a year to live. His roommate, played by Jack Nicholson who is a billionaire and who is also diagnosed with cancer also has only a few months. They then decide to go on a road trip do things before they kicked the bucket.
 No one can tell when one is going to die; well that’s usually how it is. But think of it like in this movie, what if you were diagnosed with some kind of incurable disease and the doctor tells you that you only have a specific amount of time left? How would you spend your last days?
Me, I wouldn’t want to sit there thinking about what I couldn’t do and where I went wrong. I also wouldn’t want to start doing things that I wanted to do in the past. I would want to be with my family, my close friends and just spend some quality time, maybe talking about important things, telling stories of my past, you know, something that would ease them into the inevitable. Not regretting about what I couldn’t do when I young, but being satisfied with what I would have had accomplished. So after watching the movie I decided to make my own “bucket list”. I may not be able to do everything in this list, I’m sure I will enjoy doing the ones I can and even enjoy trying to do the others.

And so this is my bucket list:
o  Visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the world (it’d be great if I could visit all seven)
o  Adopt a child
o  Road trip through out Bhutan
o  Visit Singye Dzong
o  Learn as many different international languages as possible
o  Write a book
o  Help someone’s dream come true
 Get so wasted that I don’t remember anything from the previous night at least once
o  Visit Rinchen Bumpa (Lhuentse)
o  Write a song (most probably a rap)
o  Go cycling through a few Dzongkhags
o  Learn to swim
o  Go stargazing
o  Get a pet (most probably a dog)
o  Learn to cook
   Read Shakespear
   Read a novel that makes me cry
o  Become a good Photographer
o  Paint a Blank T-shirt
o  Become a better artist
o  Get at least a Master’s Degree
o  Donate blood
Take 365 selfies (one each day)
o   Grow a ponytail (for a period of time)

This is all I have for now....... will keep adding as things come up

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Smile, it’s not that hard
Make the people around you smile too
In the beginning you’ll find it very hard
Life can be cruel at times
Everyone has their own share of fun
Everyone has their own share of sorrow
Vacuate all negativity from your mind
Every thought is meaningless unless you give them a meaning
Rest assured that once you have realize this
You will be able to put aside all that is wrong and move on
Today you start anew, let today be the dawn of a new day
Hear what you want to hear
Ignore the “boos”, the “don’ts”, and the “cant’s”
No more looking back at the past
Go forth, don’t hesitate, keep moving and keep smiling
Imagine that you are a bird, free as the wind, do what you want to
See life as a play ground, play the game maybe even break some rules
Give; always give more, even more than you receive
Only you have the control over how nice you can be
No one can force you to become what you don’t want to
No one can steal your smile if you always keep it by yourself
All you need to do is smile, it don’t cost a thing
Be satisfied with what you have, don’t ask for more
Everyday thank the god for this life, be thankful for everything
Atone for every wrong you did unto others
Liberate yourself from the sorrows and smile
Right when life knocks you down, stand up and smile
It’s not important what others think or say
Go do what you have always wanted to do, do what makes you smile
Have faith in yourself, in your family, in your friends and in god
Take time to be you, to be happy, to make others happy and smile

Now read only the first letter of each line..... :) 
Have a wonderful day ahead

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Who Am I?

My life has always been somehow related to the movies and television series. I have always tried doing things the way I saw on the television and now come to think of it everything I have done till now has been just a “copy and paste” from the screen. I have always (well, most of the time) ended up having sleepless nights because of this identity crisis. So, who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life?
For friends back in school I was and maybe still am Mr. Bean, or Gabbar Singh because these are the people they met in me, not my true self. I won’t call it impersonation but I have always copied dialogues from movies and television series. All this time, I don’t think anyone met me. And how would they, even I don’t know who I am. Who am I?
All my life I have imagined myself as the protagonist of a movie and thought that everything revolved around me. I would go on walks alone planning my next act, thinking about the past, and talking to myself like in movies. Like any hero in a movie, I wanted to dance, sing, make people laugh, do the right thing, try changing people. I thought I was always right because I was the hero of my movie. All life’s a play, and we must each play its part. Maybe I took that too seriously. Who am I?
And even playing the part of a hero, I couldn’t portray the real me. It has always been someone from the movies. If I wanted to make someone laugh, it was either Mr. Bean or some Bollywood comedians. If there was a football or basketball match, I became the players I always watched on the television. If there was a serious matter to talk about it was the movies that addressed similar situations that came into my mind. If I were to give advice to others, it was the advice I got from characters in the movies. So, who am I?
All my morals, my etiquette, my behaviors are all from movies. What heroes portray as good has been good for me. What they said was right, was right for me. What they said was wrong, was wrong for me. Maybe this is the reason why I can’t seem to accept things that exist in reality. For instance, recently I wrote about the pay hike and my stand was that people who would work even if the salary was reduced are the right people we need. But honestly, even I know these people only exist in movies and not in real life. See? Even I disagree with myself. So where does this put me? Do I even have the slightest idea of the soul living in my body? Who am I?
Imagining oneself as a hero and not having girls fall for you can sure be a round house kick on ones ego. Even my “love story” is like in some kind of movie. The hero falls in love with the girl, but can’t be with her, and now he can’t forget her. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just being pretentious and trying to portray myself as the faithful hero. Sometimes I even feel like I’m trying to advertise my sad story and gain sympathy from people. Who am I?

What’s my identity? What is my purpose in life? What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go to? Who am I supposed to talk to? What am I supposed to say? When will I ever find my true self? Will I ever find out who I am? Who am I?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pay raise to attract capable people??????

I am not really interested in politics and law making and all these things so that may be the reason I am not up to date with thing happening back at home and what people are saying……..
But today I was going through this page on Facebook; Bhutanese forums…… and I was really disheartened with something I read there. It was about the salary raise issue…… I know this is a too little late, (not that it would have mattered anyway)……it seems that the reason for raising the parliamentarians’ salary including the ministers’ was to attract “capable people”.
This really disturbed me……… what does our country need right now? Capable people, huh, they are in hundreds and maybe even thousands but they are not we need right now. These are people we just want. What we really need are capable people who want to serve the country deep down from their heart and not expecting anything in return, and these are hard to find.
Let’s not complicate things and just think straight forward. Would raising the salary really attract the right people? Don’t you think this will attract only the ones who are “money minded”, concerned with only their personal benefits, and those want to make enough to last afterwards? Doesn’t it sound like the motivation for people to join political parties is off the wrong track? If money is the motivation for people to take up such high and important positions, then I think it’s just a shame. It’s a shame for the policy makers, the ones who want to join politics and for the nation as a whole.
We need people who are not motivated by material wealth but the ones who really want to serve the country no matter what. And to find these people we need the right motivation. If a person really wants to serve the country it wouldn’t matter what kind of work they have to do or how much they are paid. I know this is sounds impractical but this is the truth. And for this to be practical, we need to change our theories. I’ve always joked with my friends about the things we were taught as children, in particular one drill, which I guess everyone has done. You remember “fire on the mountain”, right? What we were taught was “fire on the mountain, run, run, run” and that’s where the theory went wrong. What if we were taught to go and put off the fire? I know this sounds like a bad joke, but think about it. If we were taught to face the problems and tackle them ourselves or with friends, what do you think will happen whenever there is a forest fire? The right values need to be instilled at the earliest so that we don’t corrupt as we age. If the theories are right, then the practical will automatically be right.
In my personal opinion, if we reduce the salary to may be half or even less, then we’ll be able to sort out the right people needed for the job. The one, who turns out to serve no matter how much the salary is reduced to, is the one we really need.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

August 3rd

Like everyone else, on this worldwide celebrated day, I wished my friends a happy Friendship Day and was replying to the wishes that came in. But as the day went on I remembered something that my English teacher in high school told us. She pointed out that relationships these days are losing their depth and meaning. People wish each other on social networks, be it on their birthdays, anniversaries, Friendship Day, Mothers’ Day and so on……..but do these wishes mean anything??? Most of the time it’s just like a formality, you know, like you have a notification on your wall and then only you realize it’s someone’s birthday and wish them (these are not her exact words). And even worse than this is when people post “HBD” for birthday wishes. If one does not mean it from the depths of their heart, then I suggest one should not pretend to care about such things and post halfheartedly.
The advent of technology, especially internet, seems to have created some sort of black hole in human relationships. To quote Albert Einstein, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” If we give this a proper thought, we can see that there is a lot of truth in this. It’s true that it is convenient and not so much time consuming to send messages on Facebook, Wechat, and Whatsapp. We can contact many people at the same time and our works are completed efficiently. And it’s all good when it comes to our work. But we are missing the bigger picture here, more than our job and our social status it’s our social relationships that help us get through with our lives. It doesn't matter if you are an engineer, a doctor, the CEO of some company or some big shot; in the end it’s the relations that you have that will help you through the ups and downs of life. One may be able to increase the number of friends on Facebook and Myspace, followers on Twitter and Instagram, subscribers on Youtube, but remember that only a handful will show up at your funeral.
Even I am a victim of social network and I admit that I feel guilty writing all this about the internet. But deep down inside me, ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by communications through handwritten letters and even to this day I think it’s a great way to show how much someone means to us. The time we spend writing the letter is, in itself a testimony of our feelings for the person we are writing to. Then there is the content of the letter. I don’t think anyone would waste their precious time writing nonsense. We think about what we are writing and give every sentence a thought before writing it down because we don’t want to screw up our relation. And think about it, why would we write letters to people just for the sake of it like on these social sites? This ultimately helps us to separate the people we really care about and mean something to us from the ones we have just for numbers. This may not bring any improvement to the number of people during the funeral (actually the number don’t even matter since we would already be dead and can’t see who all are there). But knowing that people will turn up to pay homage to us with genuine feelings when we die sure sounds nice to me.
Not just that, to save time we tend to write short forms of words which sometimes don’t even mean anything (you can that say I’m blowing my own trumpet, but I never use short form when chatting). This makes everything that was taught to us in school just a waste of time and resources. This has a very bad effect especially for the people who are still attending schools and colleges. And people are blaming poetry and grammar questions for the poor performance of students in last year’s board exams.
Sometimes I wish that communicating through hand written letters becomes a trend again, but then again when I look at my own handwriting I’m like naaahhh………but the alternate for people like me (if there are any) would be E-mail. They are just like letters except for the fact that they are typed instead of written and are more convenient.
Lastly I would like to request my readers to give this a thought. It may or may not be helpful to you but if you share it with someone else may be it can help them change a little………

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What would have happened?

What would have happened if my friends didn't start teasing me with your name?
Would I have fallen in love with your name?
Would I have irritated them intentionally, just to hear your name?
What would have happened if we were placed in different classes?
Would I have fallen for you mesmerizing smile and your starry eyes?
Would I have done all those silly things just to come in front of you and try to impress you?
What would have happened if I handed over that letter personally?
Would you have fallen for me and my golden method?
Or would you have torn the letter and thrown it into my face?
What would have happened if I called you as myself instead of texting as an unknown?
Would you have fallen for me as I did for you?
Or would you have complained about me to someone?
What would have happened if I told you everything on the last day I saw you?
Would you have accepted me and my love?

Or could we have become friends at the least?

Monday, 14 July 2014


The night was still young and I was in my room copying some movies from a friend’s hard disk. Then I heard noises from outside, the sound of plastic chairs being dragged along as the boys hurried into the television room to book their seats for the world cup final. It was the day everyone was waiting for a month since the start of the tournament.
Being a Spain supporter I went to watch the game as a neutral, but some part of me inclined towards Germany, maybe because Germany were playing against Brazil in the first world cup match that I watched as a kid in 2002. I, as a football fan, love the midfield position because that’s where all the magic happens. My favorite footballers are mostly midfielders like Lampard, Gerrard, Pirlo, Ballack, and so on and maybe this is also one on of the reasons for supporting Germany because in my opinion they had the better midfielders.
The whistle blew to signal the beginning of, what became a thrilling hundred and twenty minutes of magic, drama, awes and most of all pure entertainment. Both the side pushed on very hard from the very beginning and there were chances being created at both ends of the pitch. Of course I don’t need to go in detail about what happened in the game because I’m sure everyone has watched it (and if you didn’t, I don’t know what you were thinking. You probably regret it now). The action was not only going on in the pitch and the stadium but also in our little television room. When Gonzalo HiguaĆ­n put the ball into the net, all the fans of Argentina roared with loud cheers and stood up. But then the camera focused on the lines man at the far end showing an off-side signal and it was our turn to stand up and roar with jeers.
The night went on with both sides displaying amazing teamwork, skills, individual brilliance, passion for the game and most of all hunger for the ultimate glory; the world cup. Schweinsteiger’s resilience, Higuain’s misses, Messi’s control, Neuer’s saves, Germany’s efficient passing, and Argentina’s fast paced counters…….. All in all it was showcase of the best of the very best.
Germany were finally able the break the ice from a brilliant ball from Schurrle and an even better control and finish by Mario Gotze in the dying minutes of the second half of the extra time.

My heartfelt congratulations to Manuel Neuer (Golden glove), Lionel Messi (Golden ball), James Rodriguez (Golden boot), Paul Pogba (Young player), Argentina for their brilliant display and Germany for winning the title. For me both teams deserved to win the title because of the way they played yesterday.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Love Letter That Was Never Read

" I was falling head over heels for this girl and somehow I needed to express my feelings to her. But you see, I was the shy-type and I couldn't just walk up to her and tell her all about what i felt. Then I thought I'd tell her when I meet her online but then again after a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that expressing your love for someone through the net didn't sound romantic. Then it struck me; why not write a letter? That was one of the oldest way of expressing your love for someone if you are too shy to say it up front. So it was decided that I would write a love letter.
I don't quite remember what I wrote in the salutation but I'm sure it was not dear...... because that'd be too forward. Anyway, what I do remember is the hint to my identity. And this is funny, you see, I had one of the worst handwriting  in the class and I assumed that she would recognize that and "you might know who I am because of my handwriting" was what I wrote at the very start of the letter. And then I started telling her how friends teasing turned into deep feelings. That I was falling for more and more with every passing time. 
Actually it was more of a confession than a love letter because I confessed my feelings for her but I didn't ask her to love me back. I told her that she needn't even respond to the letter in any way. I just wanted to express what was inside my heart. 
After I was satisfied with what I had written, the real problem popped up. How was I supposed deliver it? I knew that I couldn't just walk up to her and hand in the letter. I was never able to even walk up to her let alone talk to her. And I didn't want to send it through friends because I thought that something will surely go wrong if I sent it through a friend. What if they read it, or gave to someone else or maybe even read it in front of the whole class. I just couldn't take the risk. It was all up to me in the end.
I was the class representative during those days so I used that to my advantage. I was the first person to come in the morning because the key to the class was with me. So one day I went to school early and looked for a good spot to hide the letter on her bench. I had to make sure that no one else could find it. So I carefully placed it in between a small crack on the backside of her table. At the end of the day before I locked the classroom, I checked her bench and found the letter still there. I took the letter with me back home. Then I thought of placing the letter into her lunch basket but that was risky too. What if she read the letter out loud in front of her friends. "That would be embarrassing," I thought to myself. I still couldn't decide where to place the letter the next day. Before I checked out of the class, one fine day, I noticed that she had left one of her textbooks in the classroom only. I took the opportunity that had presented itself in front of me. I placed my letter inside her book. I was confident that it was a safe place and that she would discover it soon because she was someone who wouldn't part with her books for long. But I guess history wasn't her favorite subject because for the next few days I always found that same book on her table before I left the class. Then I finally gave up and took the letter back home and burned it. 
Until this day I don't know if she ever found the letter and read it. Maybe she read it and kept it back inside her book so that I don't notice. Or maybe she never found it. And I guess I'll never know what the letter had been through for those few days it lay hidden inside her book."
"Kids time for bed! That's enough for one day. Now let you grandpa Karma rest,"  came a voice from down stairs.
"But mom, we want to listen to more of grandpa's stories," the kids insisted, "and grandpa doesn't look tired at all, right grandpa?"
"Well, I am not tired at all but your mom is also right. Kids need to sleep on time and wake up in time for school." "but......" "ah ah aahh...... no 'if's or 'but's. You are grandpa's good boys, right? So you should listen to what I tell you. Plus there's a lot of time for me to tell you stories. Now be good kids and go to sleep." 
"Okay, if you say so grandpa", the kids left grandpa Karma's room with their heads hanging down with disappointment. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Today I was going through the May 31st issue of K2, the weekend magazine by Kuensel. The issue is focused mainly on tattoos; why people have them, what others think about them, etc. And this topic hasn't been able to escape my mind for the whole day.
 Tattoos are usually associated with the youngsters, mostly who are into substance abuse, alcohol and other social problems, specially in our community and if one is seen bearing prints on their bodies they are automatically associated with drugs and alcohol. Our society seems to look down at these people with tattoos. Tattoos are considered taboo and people with tattoos are being asked to remove them. Cases of people not being employed because of their prints have also been mentioned in the articles. The Thimphu referral hospital has been surgically removing tattoos, majority of the reason for inked people doing this being not getting employment. 
And then there are others who have thought of getting their bodies tattooed but could not sum up the courage to do so. The pain one has to endure during the process, risk of infections, what others think, what their parents will say, etc. are some of the common reasons people list down for not getting tattooed. One particular reason caught my attention..... one guy is worried about what his future child will think about it. How his tattoo would affect his child's up bringing. This is the same reason that's stopping me from getting a tattoo myself.
There is also an article in the magazine that talks about the religious point of view about tattooing oneself. According to our religion hurting or piercing one's body, including one's own, is a sin. The magazine quotes a lam from Tango monastery, "When one harms one’s body, which is a gift of god, one is hindering one’s way to enlightenment."
Personally I find tattoos very interesting and sometimes even inspiring. They usually have a story to tell: of memories, emotions, relations and inspirations. They show me how dedicated one can be to a certain idea, word, phrase(s) or picture(s). They tell me things I would not have come to know. Others inspire me with their artistic aspects. I take in ideas from tattoos when I draw something. They push me to be a better artist than the amateur I am now. They give me the sense of competition that there are people who draw/paint better than me.  
For me I don't see much of a problem with tattoos. We are living in a fast progressing modern world and everyone has the right to show their individuality one way or the other. The real problem is in the way our people think. Not everyone with tattoos or piercings abuse substances. All of them are not bad influences for the younger generations. People get inked for certain reasons, they have their stories to tell. I don't think such petty reasons are enough to reject them from the society, it's not enough for their rights to employment be removed because of their inks and not because of their qualifications. If one is qualified enough, then give them the job, we already have unemployment problems. 
In the end everyone has their rights to have their own believes and ideas. It's up to every individual to do what they want to do to express themselves and their individuality and others' opinions shouldn't be a factor. Getting a tattoo is not a bad idea at all but for now our people are not ready. The people need to have a broader mind and learn to accept change. I guess people will change in time and learn to accept the ideas of individualism, change, etc. 

P.S. --> Mom, I know that you are reading this and have grown to worry that I might get myself inked. But no need to worry, I don't I'll be getting a tattoo although I'm open to the idea of it. I just don't think I can stay put with one idea. People change and so do their ideas. What if I don't like what I have tattooed on myself in the future, what if i want to get something else on the same spot as the last one or what if my children want to copy me (when I have them or if i ever have them). 


Sunday, 23 March 2014

CLASS OF 2010-2011

I don't know if it's just me or everyone one of my ex-classmates feel the same but what I have noticed about all my classes is that my classes have been the noisiest, the one most of the teachers seem to dislike. Was I the common denominator?????? But that was the only backdrop I think my classes had. From pre-primary to plus two, my classes have been filled with extraordinary people. If you wanted someone to compete with in studies my class had the right people (and god know how much trouble i had trying to keep up with them), very talented sportsmen and women, singers, dancers...... you name it, my class had it. I have been blessed to have met all these amazing people and to have made memories that I'll never ever forget in my entire life.
I can't say which class was my favorite because each one of them has given me so much to hold on to. But I have to say it's the class of 11 and 12 Sci A (2010-2011), Motithang Higher Secondary School that frequently pops up into my thoughts every now and then. Maybe it's because they were the last classes of my school life. What I loved about Sci A was it's diversity of students..... Being section "A" people might think that we had all the nerds and book worms in our class, but that wasn't true, we were like a salad; everything was there. Everyone was good at being themselves and very talented.
Lets start with the field of academics. We had, who we called the 'Power Puff Girls', always together and studying every time. But they were not just a study group, they were friends with common interest like books (and other girly stuff :-p ). Then we had people who camouflaged themselves as any regular student who didn't like studying and who always took part in the noise making. But once the "exams knocked on the doors" they showed their true colors and surprised every one.
Sports. Our class was more of football fanatics. We had players who played for their previous schools, then we had the undiscovered talents and the ones who just loved the game. Our class team was quite strong, if you don't believe me ask the winners trophy of 2010 and runner's up trophy 2011 about it. Playing with other classes whether it was in the wee hours of the morning or right after the classes finished was our thing. We were not just players but very serious followers of the game. We formed groups according to the clubs we followed and bet against each other, the biggest rivalry being Chelsea F.C vs Manchester United F.C. Even one of our power puff girls was involved in the betting. Then we had other talent house in basketball, field events and indoor games.
Singing. I admit we had only a few good singers but when we all sang together we were no less than anyone else. We had students with a diverse choice of songs and music they listened to. This helped us learn more songs and discover more about our friends' personalities. Weird Al, Eminem, Justin Bieber,  Atif Aslam, Kishore Kumar, Ugyen Pandey, Green day, AC/DC, Westlife, Cris Brown, Namgay Jiggs, Bruno Mars, everyone was there. We even had our own anthem which was "Perfect" by Simple Plan. Then there was this thing we did; one person suddenly starts singing and the one by one everyone sung the next lines. For this our favorite was "Pha pha masong...... oh ooooh oh....... zebei bumo.....oh ooooh oh...... lhayi semo......oh ooooh oh". I would love to do this once again.
Our class was not short of talented dancers too...... whether it was performing on stage or inside the classroom during free periods...... both boys and girls could just get the grooves on..... I specially miss performing for my classmates inside the class. Kezang and group's choe gi shey ga, S.Y.T and group's prem ki naiya, Rigzin and friend's remix, even D.K's break dance, Sherab trying the moonwalk and welcome dance for the sports day are some of my personal favorites of the two years of fun together with my classmates.
Comedy. Enos's timing, Jamtsho's arguments, Rukmani's opinions, D.K's one liners, team work between the guys and targeting people to fool around are probably what everybody from our class misses. Making fun of anything at any time of the day, that was how we rolled. Whether it was an old joke, from the internet or our very own original joke made on the spot there wasn't a day deprived of laughter.

When we meet again I don't know whether things will be the same as they were back then, but I do know that we'll make some new ones that will be never forgotten.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Missing You

 It's been more than three years now but I can still smell your scent, see your face in front of me and hear your soft voice. 
It's been three years now and I still can't believe what has transpired. I just can't seem to take in the fact that I can't see you anymore. But deep down, somewhere in my heart I have a little flickering light that says that you'll come back. I still day dream about our future, about how I would include time for you and our family into my hectic schedule, about how we would raise our children. 
Sometimes I feel the need to move on with my life, but then again i feel that for one to move on with their life they need a companion. And for me you have always been that companion. It somehow seems that a part of my soul still dwells in the past because I still do all these crazy things. The only difference is that back then I used to do it to be somehow noticed by you and maybe try to bring a smile on your face even if I had to make a fool of my self in front of everyone else. And now, it's become a habit, that constantly reminds about the good old days. And for some unknown reason this helps me stay in track with my life, it makes me feel that there is still hope. Every time there is laughter around me because of some crazy thing I do, I feel this warmth inside me, that same familiar warmth I used to get when I saw you smiling. 
The last memory of you I have is you dancing in front of me, the first time I was you dancing. And I was left mesmerized...... I almost approached to try and talk to you but as always I backed out because of the crowd. That night I had decided to ask you to dance with me during our farewell the following year. I thought to myself, "Dude! This is do or die time now, so no backing out this time". But I never got the chance....... I'll never forget the days that came after, by far the darkest days I've ever known.
Sometimes I think it's time for me to forget you and move on, but then again what is a man without his memories..... I like the way you constantly come into my thoughts and remind me of the finest moments of my life......... and I pray that you keep doing that. 

I miss you big time.........

Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Sister

What do you do when you and your own sister start schooling in the same year, in the same class?????? You just shut up and be a good boy so that she doesn't complain about you to your parents..... seriously, I'm not kidding.
Having my sister studying in the same class was an odd privilege, it had it's own pros and cons. I was constantly reminded of the home works and class tests, I couldn't lie about how much I scored in tests, and worst of all I couldn't flirt with my classmates :'(  (just kidding :-P ). I had competition both at home and school in the form of my sister. It was frustrating sometimes, but that was when were just kids learning the ways of life. When we grew older, I learnt to use the fact that the two of us were in the same class to my advantage and learn things that I wasn't able to understand or didn't want to read ( both of us studied by reading aloud and that's where by antennae like ears came in handy). 
At home you were the sister I'd share my secrets with (although I don't remember sharing anything serious), the brother I'd do all the crazy stuff with, and the parent who would give me advice on what to do and what not to do. Whether it was playing cricket with bats and balls or rackets and shuttle cocks, football on the ground or the small corridor in our house, teaming up with me to wrestle our cousins, gambling with mom, dad and our cousins, you have always been there with me dancing and singing along. You have given me great memories that I'd cherish through out my life and share with my children and grandchildren.

We have always done the crazy things together

We may have had our differences and fought with each other to the extent that we even stopped talking for a while, but we always got around that and I guess we became even closer since that. We may not agree on some things in the future too but that's how things have always been and it's nothing to worry about. I will always be there for you whenever you need me, and I know that you will also be there for me. 

P.S. This post may not be that long and may not even bring you down to tears like you asked to because your demand is so high and you know how lazy I am. On a serious note though, just so you know, I don't have enough words to tell you how lucky I am to have you as my best friend/ sister/ rival...... 

Many Happy Returns of the Day,
My Dearest sister.

Phulo ka taaro ka, sab ka kehna hai, Ek hazaro mein meri behna hai.
Tum jiyo hazaro sal, sal ke din ho pachas hazar.