Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Bucket List

Life is a part of death and death is a part of life. What can we do to escape this? Well, there is no escaping it and honestly there is no need to either. The cycle of life and death is natural and inevitable, but there is no need to get upset about it. What we need to do is live in the present moment, love one another, do what makes us happy, what makes other people happy and be the best of ourselves.
I was watching Morgan Freeman’s “The Bucket List” where he is diagnosed with cancer of some sort and the doctor says that’s he has at the most a year to live. His roommate, played by Jack Nicholson who is a billionaire and who is also diagnosed with cancer also has only a few months. They then decide to go on a road trip do things before they kicked the bucket.
 No one can tell when one is going to die; well that’s usually how it is. But think of it like in this movie, what if you were diagnosed with some kind of incurable disease and the doctor tells you that you only have a specific amount of time left? How would you spend your last days?
Me, I wouldn’t want to sit there thinking about what I couldn’t do and where I went wrong. I also wouldn’t want to start doing things that I wanted to do in the past. I would want to be with my family, my close friends and just spend some quality time, maybe talking about important things, telling stories of my past, you know, something that would ease them into the inevitable. Not regretting about what I couldn’t do when I young, but being satisfied with what I would have had accomplished. So after watching the movie I decided to make my own “bucket list”. I may not be able to do everything in this list, I’m sure I will enjoy doing the ones I can and even enjoy trying to do the others.

And so this is my bucket list:
o  Visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the world (it’d be great if I could visit all seven)
o  Adopt a child
o  Road trip through out Bhutan
o  Visit Singye Dzong
o  Learn as many different international languages as possible
o  Write a book
o  Help someone’s dream come true
 Get so wasted that I don’t remember anything from the previous night at least once
o  Visit Rinchen Bumpa (Lhuentse)
o  Write a song (most probably a rap)
o  Go cycling through a few Dzongkhags
o  Learn to swim
o  Go stargazing
o  Get a pet (most probably a dog)
o  Learn to cook
   Read Shakespear
   Read a novel that makes me cry
o  Become a good Photographer
o  Paint a Blank T-shirt
o  Become a better artist
o  Get at least a Master’s Degree
o  Donate blood
Take 365 selfies (one each day)
o   Grow a ponytail (for a period of time)

This is all I have for now....... will keep adding as things come up

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Smile, it’s not that hard
Make the people around you smile too
In the beginning you’ll find it very hard
Life can be cruel at times
Everyone has their own share of fun
Everyone has their own share of sorrow
Vacuate all negativity from your mind
Every thought is meaningless unless you give them a meaning
Rest assured that once you have realize this
You will be able to put aside all that is wrong and move on
Today you start anew, let today be the dawn of a new day
Hear what you want to hear
Ignore the “boos”, the “don’ts”, and the “cant’s”
No more looking back at the past
Go forth, don’t hesitate, keep moving and keep smiling
Imagine that you are a bird, free as the wind, do what you want to
See life as a play ground, play the game maybe even break some rules
Give; always give more, even more than you receive
Only you have the control over how nice you can be
No one can force you to become what you don’t want to
No one can steal your smile if you always keep it by yourself
All you need to do is smile, it don’t cost a thing
Be satisfied with what you have, don’t ask for more
Everyday thank the god for this life, be thankful for everything
Atone for every wrong you did unto others
Liberate yourself from the sorrows and smile
Right when life knocks you down, stand up and smile
It’s not important what others think or say
Go do what you have always wanted to do, do what makes you smile
Have faith in yourself, in your family, in your friends and in god
Take time to be you, to be happy, to make others happy and smile

Now read only the first letter of each line..... :) 
Have a wonderful day ahead