Friday, 19 July 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

In six days it’ll be exactly a year since I left home, in seven days a year since I left Bhutan and in nine days a year since I reached here. But it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long…… it feels like it’s been longer, way longer, than that.
Sundays used to be my favorite part of the week, not because it was a day off from everything or I was going to do something new or travel somewhere. It was because I ended up doing the same thing every week on Sundays. The days started as one would expect Sundays to start; opening the eyes to an already bright yellow sun. After a lazy breakfast-lunch fusion I ended up doing nothing or having no plan at all. So I would sit myself in front of the tele and wander into the wilderness of the modern jungle. And then out of nowhere something would prick me and I would suddenly start moving myself around the house like I have a purpose.
Then I would find myself all set to head out somewhere, or rather, anywhere. Ear pieces plugged in, scrolling through my playlist to set the mood, I’d step outside the house and find myself walking towards the BBS tower as if I was programmed to. The thing is, I don’t have a clue as to where I’ll be heading to when I step out of the house but once I started walking, but I always found myself going to the same place. I’d walk like there’s some place I need to be, like I have a purpose; fast strides, checking the time again and again, not looking around to see what’s happening. I always took the short-cut through the woods on my way up because it was faster and I could turn back anytime and still see the valley. Once at the top it felt wonderful no matter how many times I have been there, every time felt like the first time. Then, as always, I would start looking for houses of people I knew beginning from my own. It was hard every single time. Then I would lie back for some time before I came down staring at the clouds above me. After that, it was a slow and long walk down the curved roads of Sangaygang and back home.
Although I got drenched in the rain a couple of times I miss my Sundays back home. It’s been more than a year and right now I’d give anything to be on top of Sangaygang and lose myself to the beauty of the capital. There are promises that I made there to change my ways and myself as a whole but right now, by the looks of it, I am nowhere near. Maybe it’s just a psychological stuff but what I think right now is that the only thing that can get me back on track is the sight of my family and my home.