Sunday, 22 December 2013


The only thing I considered to be perfect in was the ability to pour my heart into a piece of paper and hide that paper. Whenever anything note worthy happened, my hands would automatically start moving. I am sure there are pieces of writings inside old books, my study table, in between other pieces of paper containing in them all my secrets (well actually not all, I have some of them with me). It was a very good habit, the only one I used to be proud of, because it really felt good to get things off my chest. And there was also the advantage of not having to practice writing for exams.
But now I just seem to have lost the ability to jot down my feelings or even scribble nonsense stuff on my notebooks. Now all I do is think of writing something and forget to do it or procrastinate or in the most recent case; type two pages for an article and then just delete everything.
And there are these amazing people I know personally and through social networks that seem to have the ability to keep on writing no matter what. I’m struck with awe whenever I see their write-ups, and I’m like how can they write so much. Every time I see their articles, I get kind of inspired to write something myself and then BAM!!! There I am being my lazy self.

So today I take this opportunity to congratulate all those people who blog, share about their lives through writings on social networks, for their achievements and for being able to keep up with the good habit. I would also thank you guys for rekindling my passion for writing.   

Thursday, 5 September 2013

From My Inconsistant Journal

8th January 2013
This is my first entry for the year 2013 but I know I should have written something on New Year’s. But I guess its okay, better late than never. Things are going quite well with life (except for the college partJ). I guess I can now say that I’m an independent individual of the society and I really don’t know why I wrote this just now.
Our first internals are coming up (finally!) and I’m still not so confident about it. I can’t seem to be able to keep myself away from the internet and bring about some changes in my sleeping habits. But surprisingly this morning I woke up earlier than usual and I don’t know if it was just a fluke or because I prayed last night before going to sleep. Well, it wasn’t a prayer exactly, it was just something I read and one of my friends constantly shared; before going to sleep thank the god for the wonderful day you had and for every good moment of the day sincerely. Then it said that we should plan on what we’ll do the next morning. And then when you wake up just repeat what you decided to do the other night. I can’t say for sure but maybe it did help me wake up early, but sadly didn’t get a good start to the day…
Anyhow my day was pretty much the same as always but as I was writing this entry I saw a new hope for myself, I’ll try to do what I did last night and give more time for my studies……..
And on a serious note:

To the future Tshewang, I hope that you now do your laundry regularly and not hang them by your bed because right now they stink… so if you ever read this entry again, think over it.

Friday, 19 July 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

In six days it’ll be exactly a year since I left home, in seven days a year since I left Bhutan and in nine days a year since I reached here. But it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long…… it feels like it’s been longer, way longer, than that.
Sundays used to be my favorite part of the week, not because it was a day off from everything or I was going to do something new or travel somewhere. It was because I ended up doing the same thing every week on Sundays. The days started as one would expect Sundays to start; opening the eyes to an already bright yellow sun. After a lazy breakfast-lunch fusion I ended up doing nothing or having no plan at all. So I would sit myself in front of the tele and wander into the wilderness of the modern jungle. And then out of nowhere something would prick me and I would suddenly start moving myself around the house like I have a purpose.
Then I would find myself all set to head out somewhere, or rather, anywhere. Ear pieces plugged in, scrolling through my playlist to set the mood, I’d step outside the house and find myself walking towards the BBS tower as if I was programmed to. The thing is, I don’t have a clue as to where I’ll be heading to when I step out of the house but once I started walking, but I always found myself going to the same place. I’d walk like there’s some place I need to be, like I have a purpose; fast strides, checking the time again and again, not looking around to see what’s happening. I always took the short-cut through the woods on my way up because it was faster and I could turn back anytime and still see the valley. Once at the top it felt wonderful no matter how many times I have been there, every time felt like the first time. Then, as always, I would start looking for houses of people I knew beginning from my own. It was hard every single time. Then I would lie back for some time before I came down staring at the clouds above me. After that, it was a slow and long walk down the curved roads of Sangaygang and back home.
Although I got drenched in the rain a couple of times I miss my Sundays back home. It’s been more than a year and right now I’d give anything to be on top of Sangaygang and lose myself to the beauty of the capital. There are promises that I made there to change my ways and myself as a whole but right now, by the looks of it, I am nowhere near. Maybe it’s just a psychological stuff but what I think right now is that the only thing that can get me back on track is the sight of my family and my home.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

All Over Again

I want to wake up every day,
And pray that I see you yet another day.
I want to be the first one in the class,
So that I can see you come in every morning.
I want to sit at the side and stare at you,
While pretending to look at the board
I want to go and scribble on the board, just so that
When I turn back I can see you.
I want to be the joker of the class
Just so that I can see you smile.
I want to steal your number from someone else’s phone
And compose texts that I would save and not send.
Of all the things I want to do again,
I want to fall all over for you,
Again and again and again…….

Thursday, 23 May 2013

I have a Dream.....

I’m sure there were things you wanted to do or become when you were little kids, and I did too. Some of you might have achieved it and some may not have. But this is nothing to regret about. Things always turn out the way they are supposed to be. And today I want to share some of those dreams of mine.
In school we were all asked what we wanted to become in the future and there would be a sea of different answers. My answer was always automatic; a teacher. And that’s not just it. I wanted to become a Dzongkha teacher, simply because my father and my uncle were Dzongkha teachers during that time. And as I grew older, the specificity of the subject I wanted to teach became vague but it was still a teaching career I wished for. I remember my cousins telling me to always aim higher and that kind of changed what came out of my mouth in the latter period of my schooling life. But no matter what I said, deep within me, there has always been a little voice that keeps telling me that my future lies in teaching.
Saying this doesn’t mean that I don’t like the way I’m headed to right now. I am very happy with what I have chosen for my career. And, maybe, there is still a chance for me to realize my dream if, in the future, we have our own medical college(s) in Bhutan. But even if that does not happen, I don’t have any regrets. You really don’t need to be a teacher to teach others, you just need to be willing to.
I have always admired people who knew more than me, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m jealous of them. Seeing people solve the Rubik’s cube was something that really made me jealous but I guess the fire wasn’t big enough for me to try and compete with them. That was, of course, because the only people who solved the cube were on television and in another country and so I didn’t have that competitive attitude towards. But last year, My friend, Dechen Kezang, solved the cube right in front of my eyes while we were video chatting. That fueled the competitive fire in me and I made my move. I spent weeks and weeks and tried very hard to learn the art of solving the cube and I’m proud to say that I can now do it within minutes.
On that note, the thing I admired most as a child was the ability of some people to speak in many different languages. It all started with my father speaking most of the major language in the country and then of course the many different people I met or saw on the television. Since then, I have always wanted to add being a linguist on my resume. I understand most of the major languages of our country but the problem lies with being able to respond. I have always had trouble with that and I hope I will overcome that in the nearest of the future. I really want to be able to communicate with everyone in the country and even people of different countries. I have already tried my hands, or rather my tongue on Spanish, French and even Chinese at one point of my boring life during a holiday. I think that just like the Rubik’s cube, I need a certain push to help me realize this little dream of mine.
Music has always been an integral part of my life. There were times when I just couldn’t go to sleep without plugging in my head phones. Music helps me get through boring chores like doing the dishes, throwing out thrash, cleaning my room and almost everything else. And so to be closer to music I picked up a guitar and started learning to play it about five years back. Except for the basic concept and a few songs I haven’t learnt much but I am continuing with my practices from time to time and I can safely say that I’m improving at least a little every time I hold the guitar. I don’t know how long it will take me to become a good guitarist or even if I can become one but I know for sure that I am enjoying learning it at my own pace and from the right sources (Youtube, it surely has helped me a lot. Thank you Marty Schwartz). “It’s not the destiny, but the journey that counts.”
And last but not the least, something I really want to do. Actually I am paving my path towards it as I am writing these very lines. Yes, you guessed it right; I want to become a writer. I have a dream that one day while visiting my old schools I see children in the library, classes and on the open grounds reading my book(s). I have a dream that one day children will recite my poems in front of large gatherings. I have a dream that the greatest of the greatest singers will sing my lines to all the music loving people all over the country or even outside. The main reason I created this blog was to realize this dream. I want to publish a book; a novel or a collection of stories or even poems. But the biggest problem I am facing right now is the lazy boy I see in the mirror every day. I sure hope I can get over this laziness and start doing more to achieve my dreams. I know that I can do it; it’s just that I need the push. For now all I can say is I have a dream………

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Teachers' Day

Teachers play a very important role in the upbringing of a child because of the fact that children spend most of their childhood in schools with teachers. They show us the path to our bright futures and help us keep track whenever we waver about our path. It is therefore very important to celebrate their existence and acknowledge their profession. It is important for us to be reminded of the greatness of teachers, and of their efforts. And what better way to do it than dedicate an entire day to their name and give them the joy they truly deserve.
Today I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers that I’ve had till now, starting first from my family. My parents were my first teachers. They are the reason I can stand up, walk, talk and eat properly. It is because of what they taught me that I have my own identity and that I’m able to present myself to others. My sister and my cousins helped me to learn all the games and other fun stuff to do around the house. It is because of what they taught me that I was able to do what other kids around did and make friends.
I started going out of my house and met my neighbors. It is because of what they taught me that I know how to approach and interact with different people. Then my friends came into my life, bringing something new to learn, something new to talk about every day. It is because of what they taught me that I have a lot of experiences and memories to talk about today.
I joined school and met people who had the title of teachers attached to them. Starting from the ‘A’s and the ‘B’s to the laws of gravity and the big bang theory, from the 1s and 2s to the millions and billions they filled my brain with all the knowledge they had. Teaching us with what was in the curriculum and what was outside of it, they are the reason that I know all that I know today.  They are the reason that I am able to write this very article. Even the teachers of other classes and other schools have taught me something directly or indirectly and I’m grateful to all of them.
It’s not only the people working in the school that teach us but also each and every person we see and talk to everyday. It is important to be thankful to all those who have taught us something, even if it was just a single word. Therefore I would like to thank everyone around me because I learnt whatever I know from you guys. It’s all thanks to you guys.



Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My Precious Moments of Happiness

What is Happiness? Different people have their own interpretation of the concept of happiness; some find it in an increase in their salary, some in helping others, some in being able to whatever they want to, some in having enough and some in being a part of something that matters….. What is my say on this? To be frank, even I don’t know what it means to me for I haven’t tasted all that life has to offer. But it has been one hell of an adventure for me to at least shed some light on what made me happy in the past, the moments that I’ll never forget and cherish for life.
My first memory of happiness is that of the time when I got money from my parents to buy biscuits……. that seems ordinary, doesn’t it? But that’s just half of it….. I used to get one or two bucks (Ngultrum, of course) or at the most a blue note of ten. Then I would go to the shop just above our house to buy some biscuits (Yeah, biscuits with one Ngultrum). The shop sold four pieces of biscuits for just a buck. Then I would head back home and add some toppings like a jam or, as weird as it sounds, tomato sauce…… It was not that I didn’t get to eat anything from my house but the feeling of going all the way up to the shop and coming back alone with edibles you just bought is on a totally awesome…… by the I might have been just four or five at that time so yeah going out alone was really a great achievement. :-D
Joining the school was, by far, the best “happiest moment” of my life…. I was so eager to join school during those days….. I wanted to draw and write like my cousins, have a geometry box and other stationeries to call my own, be busy after six with homework and studies, have friends from different parts of the town. But I don’t know what happened to me after sometime. I became lazy and didn’t feel like going to school every day and doing my homework. But like I said joining the school was the happiest moment, not my school life :-P hehehe…….  
Then I had my first crush………. And I better stop here because the memory is a bit too hazy plus it wasn’t the best feeling :-P
Then I entered my teen years, and I found everything around me irritating and repulsive, I was a mad teen without any reason and it seemed like my list of happiest moments would end there. But one day, BANG!!!!!! My mom got me a guitar and there I was, as happy as a smurf. I always wanted to learn to play the guitar and other musical instruments. Then my journey towards a musical future began and I rode the wind like an eagle soaring high in the sky, going nowhere…..just flying round in circles…..seriously I hate the fact that I still can’t play it that good…… But getting a kick start with it is enough for me right now because a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I have already taken my first step.
I waited patiently for my results, waited in the cold winter of the capital, waited in the dark alleys of Motithang, waited  by the shed beneath my house, waited, and waited by the flickering light of the television……..but when our results were due I was outside playing basketball. The result was more than I expected by the grace of God and thanks to the merits of my past life and a wee bit to the effort I put at the end of the year. Being included into a list of students with the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad was a great feeling in itself but as if that wasn’t enough, Their Majesties, The Fifth Druk Gyelpo and The Gyeltsuen, granted us an audience. It was such an awesome and a wish fulfilling moment, not only for me but for every single student present there. I, for one, was very happy that day like never before and can never forget that day. The only problem with this memory is that I didn’t get the picture we took with Their Majesties, where everyone’s happy face is seen including mine…… the photo that spread through the newspapers and the internet only show one of my big ears L.
And now as I write (or rather type) down these final lines I wish to have more moments like these to be remembered in the future and to be narrated to my great grand children……
With this, I would like to wish all the readers a very Happy International Day of Happiness. May you be happy not only today but every day of your lives……

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Angel

Love and compassion in the eyes
Happiness in every little smile
All righteousness enveloped within
Zest to pursue for the ultimate knowledge
Intelligent and talented alike
No one as beautiful to walk the face of earth
Wondrous was her voice, tuned by god himself               
Angelic in every step she took
Noble in thought for the greater cause
Gifted like no one else in this world
Meritorious for someone so young
Only in God’s embrace is where you belong