Sunday, 22 December 2013


The only thing I considered to be perfect in was the ability to pour my heart into a piece of paper and hide that paper. Whenever anything note worthy happened, my hands would automatically start moving. I am sure there are pieces of writings inside old books, my study table, in between other pieces of paper containing in them all my secrets (well actually not all, I have some of them with me). It was a very good habit, the only one I used to be proud of, because it really felt good to get things off my chest. And there was also the advantage of not having to practice writing for exams.
But now I just seem to have lost the ability to jot down my feelings or even scribble nonsense stuff on my notebooks. Now all I do is think of writing something and forget to do it or procrastinate or in the most recent case; type two pages for an article and then just delete everything.
And there are these amazing people I know personally and through social networks that seem to have the ability to keep on writing no matter what. I’m struck with awe whenever I see their write-ups, and I’m like how can they write so much. Every time I see their articles, I get kind of inspired to write something myself and then BAM!!! There I am being my lazy self.

So today I take this opportunity to congratulate all those people who blog, share about their lives through writings on social networks, for their achievements and for being able to keep up with the good habit. I would also thank you guys for rekindling my passion for writing.   

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