Sunday, 12 July 2015


It has kept me awake
Through countless sleepless nights
My hand starts shivering
Heart beat increased two-folds
I can’t think of anything else
My efforts render useless
It’s the truth I fear the most.
I have read in so many books
And heard from so many great minds
I know there is no escape
There is nothing anyone can do
And I accept that it’s inevitable
Alas! I am but only a mere human
I fear it like so many others
Every bit of me wants to reject it.
It’s the truth that saddens me the most.
It helps during grim days;
I know it’ll be over soon
But it’s not much of a help either
When the sun is shining bright;
It tells me that
This too will be over soon.

It’s the truth that confuses me the most.