Saturday, 23 July 2016

Almost Easy

It’s almost easy not to fall in love
With your contagious smile
That sets everything in place
Tells me that everything is fine
It’s almost easy not to fall in love
With your beautiful smile
That pierces into my soul
Soothes my crying heart
And brings out all the love in me
It’s almost easy not fall in love
With your dreamy eyes
That shine like the stars in the sky
Beckoning me to fall into their depths
It’s almost easy to not fall in love
With your pretty little nose
That caught me out of no where
Telling me that beauty is everywhere
It’s almost easy not to fall in love
With your soothing lovely voice
That makes my heart beat an extra beat or two
Telling me music is everywhere
If one listens carefully enough
It’s almost easy not to fall in love
With the way you say those words
That brings a smile on my face
Telling me how weirdly wonderful you are

It’s almost easy not to fall in love with you
It’s almost easy not to

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Seasons of the Heart

After the cold stormy days
And the dark lonely nights
From the frozen ground of winter
Emerges a small yellow and green
Bringing color and with it
Hope and warmth
Spring promises a new life
And a new life it does give

Everyone comes out of hiding
As the flowers bloom
And as the birds sing
Come the monsoon rains 
Or the hot summer sun
These are happy days

 But soon the green yellows
And the trees strip naked
Taking all that was
And all that could have been

Soon enough cold follows
Some embrace it, some run away
It’s beautiful if one spends enough time
Even addicting to an extent

But however long it may be
The green will surely come
And the frozen ground will thaw
Giving another chance to grow again

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

"So how was the blind date?"
"I don't want to talk about it."
"It was that bad? What happened?"
"I told you, I don't want to talk about it. It's too embarassing."
"You just made me even more curious now. Come on man, except for our underwears we have shared everything with each other."
"Alright. She was great. Absolutely perfect. And we have a lot of things in common."
"Isn't that a good thing?"
"Not when one of the common "things" we share is an uncle."
"Apparently my grandfather and his younger brother didn't see eye to eye to the point that they cut off all ties to one another."
"Uh-huh. And?"
"She is his grand-daughter making her my second cousin."
"Everything was going great untill we started talking about our families. It was so embarassing. We didn't even complete our lunch."
"Man, I'm going to tell this story to my grandchildren one day."
"No you are not!"
"Oh, yes I am." 😆

Thursday, 23 June 2016

I was scared once

I let fear take the reins
I thought it would make
The best decisions for me
I thought that
Fear would protect me
From being hurt
Because it knew what I wanted
And what I didn’t want
I thought that it would help me
Make the right decisions
To keep the ones close to me
Forever by my side
But I was wrong
It made me lose sight of what I had
And what I could have had
After having been in its “Protection”
For so long
I forgot how it felt to be hurt
And that a little hurt is everyone’s share
But I couldn’t handle the pain
Because I had been, for too long now,
In the warm blue hands of fear
I know now, and I will never forget
I can’t give in to fear anymore
It will never hold the reins
Of my life agian
And I also know
I will still be scared time and again
But this time
I will welcome it like a long lost friend
And show it instead
How wonderful it is
To fall down once

And come back stronger than ever

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Life is confusing,  isn't it?
It wants you to change
And when you do
It wants you to go back
To being your old self

I lost someone before
Because I couldn't put my feelings
Into words
And now I'm losing someone again
Because I can't shut up

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Something Random

Everything was so easy back then. People say that children don’t know what they want from life because they are immature, but the truth is we knew what we really wanted. And whatever we wanted, we wanted from our hearts and we knew that it would make us happy. And we knew what we had to do to get it. Then we grew up. Of course people may say that grown ups know better. That we make better decisions because we think everything through and decide on what is best for everyone.

As children all of us wanted to become something; an engineer, a doctor, a musician, an army officer, etc. And we really wanted it back then. But after growing up we started thinking, about what others wanted us to become, about what would be a better choice for a better financial and social status. We started thinking about what people would say and think of us. And it’s not just about our decisions about career, we think too much about things as simple as what we want to eat and wear. For instance, a few weeks back I saw kid walk into a shop and asked for a specific potato chip (I don’t remember the name) and produced a ten rupee note. He knew what he wanted to eat and what he had to do to get it. As for me I knew I was hungry but I didn’t know what to eat and therefore didn’t know how much money I would need to spend. I just picked a hundred rupee note from my wallet and went to the shop. And when I got there I was confused. Then the aforementioned kid walked in and performed his special trick. And finally when I zeroed in on something, I felt the need to buy some more because I didn’t want to hand over the hundred rupee note for a ten rupee item (I know it’s silly). And usually when something like this happens (which is almost all the time) I end up spending most of the money.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Friend (who listened)

I still remember the first time I met him.
It was just another Sunday and the kids in my neighborhood were playing football, 7 VS. 8, choosing to leave me out as always. I admit that I was disappointed, yet again, but by now I was used to this treatment. I climbed the small hill behind the school and made myself comfortable under the only tree that grew there. We talked a lot (well I did most of the talking because trees can’t talk) whenever I sat there feeling left out, which was almost every day. That day I felt as if someone else was there but when I looked around it was just me and Mr.Tree. I felt it again and this time as I turned around, this pair of black eyes stared right into mine. And things started changing for the good ever since.
He was very shy, he hardly spoke and I never stopped since the day we met. I finally had someone to play with and talk to and who understood me. I no longer looked at my feet when the other kids called me names and made fun of me. My parents were really happy seeing that I was no longer sad about the move 7 months ago. They wanted to meet him, who finally managed to put a smile on my face. But he was really shy and didn’t even come near my house. He would always walk me to the bus stop near my house after we hung out and then just leave. I never asked him why he did that.
We always played by the tree on the hill where we first met. And when we didn’t play, we talked. I was kind of jealous of him because apart from his shyness his life seemed perfect. But he wasn’t like the other kids with the “perfect” life. He didn’t make fun of my imperfect life.
He was always there by my side, gave the best advice, he knew what to say and when to say. He was very talented too; a good singing voice coupled with talent on the guitar and the keyboard, something I always envied. He was also good at sports too, especially basketball. But it was the fact that he listened patiently to my silly jokes, school stuff, family matters and mostly about how lonely I felt at school when he wasn’t around. He would just smile and stare at me. And then when I settled down, he would analyze what I told him and then he always came up with the right thing to say.
Life as a teenager is always hard with all the hormonal changes and to top that having parents whose work requires them to move from one place to another about every two years. It was time to say goodbye so we decided to meet under our tree for one last time. He was not there when I got to our spot. I walked around for a while and soon got tired of waiting. As I was about to leave, I saw a piece of paper sneaking out from under a rock by the tree.

“My dear friend, this is not goodbye.
You know I will always be there when you need me.
I will always be there to listen to you.
All you have to do is find a lonely tree.”

Friday, 20 May 2016

I am only me

I start crying,
Thinking about things that might happen
I am filled with happiness,
Thinking about things that may never happen
I live not here, I live not there.
I look in the mirror,
It's not me who I see;
I see someone I never wanted to be
I am not not happy with that
But I also had a dream
And maybe dreams 
Aren't always meant to be
There's still a great many things
I need to find about myself
So until then I am only me.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The light of life

Like a candle, I burn
Knowing not when
The light in me will go out
Maybe I'll burn till the very end
Or maybe a gust of wind will put me off
Or maybe be replaced
With a brighter light
But until that fateful day
I'll share my light
Brighten the room as much as possible.
I may not give you warmth;
But I'll inspire it.
Remind you that even in
The darkest of days
There is always a light
And that there is always hope

Thursday, 10 March 2016

My Favourite Place

We people are weird, aren’t we? Oh wait, that’s just me. Sorry for that. Even I am confused by the things I do from time to time like making decisions at the last moment. For instance, one day during my last vacation I was feeling a little stressed and my wallet was kind of empty. So I decided that it was a good idea to go out on a walk and refresh myself on the way to the nearest ATM machine. As soon as I stepped out of my house, I realized that the nearest ATM machine was too near and there wasn’t much walking distance for someone like me who likes taking long walks. Therefore I changed my route and instead of heading directly for my destination I started walking towards my old school.
I took my time with the walk but as soon as I got near the school gate I had a change of heart and instead of turning right I turned left and kept on walking. It was in the early hours of the afternoon and I didn’t have much to do at home so I decided to turn my trip to the ATM machine longer than anyone in their right minds would do. I headed for my favourite place in the capital, (and maybe even in the whole country) Sangaygang. Some of the readers must really be irritated right now at the fact that I took two paragraphs to tell you guys that Sangaygang is my absolute favourite place. J
I have always loved visiting Sangaygang as far as I can remember, whether it was on foot or in a vehicle; by myself or with friends and family (yes, I do go there all by myself). I still remember following my cousins up the winding roads through the woods as a small round kid. Then when my father bought his first vehicle he would sometimes take me and my sister up till the gates to the BBS tower on the way to our uncle’s house in Zilukha at that time. I still remember how excited I got whenever my father made that left turn below the old youth centre. And then when I was old enough I would go up there with my friends and sometimes take an army of small kids comprising of cousins and their friends just for the hell of it. I do enjoy having company on my walk up to the tower but my favourite companions are myself and my playlist.
I like taking the short cut on the way up, the one most people, who jog in the morning and the evening, use. Did you know that when celebrations like the National Day, Birth Anniversary of our King, etc. one can hear clearly what the M.C is saying from certain places on the short cut route? I have personally experienced it. And yes, I did walk all by myself to Sangaygang one fine National Day. Then I spend around half an hour or so, sitting there; taking in the view, reminiscing, talking to myself, making life decisions and even taking naps sometimes. The thing I like most about being there is the view. Of course Kuenselphodrang/Buddha point offers a clearer and more of the capital. But for me it is not how much I can see. I love the view from Sangaygang because everything is familiar; I can pinpoint houses from there, I know which road leads to where, where the shortcuts are, remember stories that took place in the places I can see from there. Plus there is slight chance of getting a glimpse of the Fourth and the Fifth King cycling up there from time to time.
My next favourite part is the route back. I like taking the winding road on my descend stopping by the prayers written by the side of the road and near the big ‘OM’. It’s interesting how people just start reading as soon as lay their eyes on writings no matter where they are written. And why not take advantage of this fact? Just reading the prayers even once is like praying itself. I am a curious person, even though I might not look like one, and I love reading random stuff written in random places and on random stuff. My favourite part of the descend is just above the entrance to the Takin park. It is part light and part shadow. It is part warm and part cold. No matter what the season is. I feel like I am in a movie or something when I walk by the trees with music playing in the background (actually the music is playing on my phone). I don’t really like it when I see the gate to the park because it signals an end to my walk.

I have been there many times now; under the hot sun, drenched in the monsoon rain, in the cold Thimphu winter. But it’s the same feeling of familiarity that greets me each time, no matter the weather or time. People might think that it should be a new adventure every time I climb up there for it to be my favourite place. Of course Thimphu has changed over time and things don’t look the same they did last year and I don’t think about the same things and it is different every time. But at the same time it is all the same. I guess as a human I want some things to remain the same and the fact that what I feel when I am up there is the same every single time, I guess that’s what makes Sangaygang my favourite place.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Book Review: KADRINCHE beyond words

“KADRINCHE beyond words” is a debut novel by Mr. Kinley Wangchuk who works for a private sector and who also happens to be a friend of my mother. So it was kind of inevitable for the book to land in my hands. First and foremost I would like to thank Mr. Kinley for the autographed copy and would also like to congratulate you on the debut novel and hope to see more of your work in the near future. As a person who aspires to write a novel of my own it is really inspiring whenever I read a book especially by a Bhutanese author. It helps me move closer to my dream even if it’s just a step.
As it says on the back cover of the book, “KADRINCHE; beyond words” is a story of a family overshadowed by an unfortunate turn of events. This story is about Wangchuk and the ever changing journey of his life. It tells about how uncertain things are in life and how they keep changing. For one moment you think everything is alright and the next moment everything in your world turns upside down. When you think you lost it all, you see a flicker of hope. And if you are wise enough to keep that flicker alive then you find that everything turns out just fine in the end. The story doesn’t just show the change of fate in one’s life but it also shows how people are also subject to change especially in a developing country like ours with the exposure to television and internet and top that with bad friends.
The novel traces the life of Wangchuk from finding a job to settling down in a new place, from a meeting by chance to tying the knot, from a successful rise in career to a sudden fall, from a state of misery to a realization and redemption, and ultimately to an eventual end.
For me I felt that it was a good read and it really did give me an insight into how other people think and express themselves. The book is really worth the time.
It’s not like I am trying to blow my own trumpet or look down on others but there are certain things that were a little off for me. This is just my honest opinion and is in no way intended to undermine the author or anyone else connected to the book.
First of all as a reader I really like suspense. I think that the suspense creates a kind of curiosity in the reader and making them want to read further into the story to find out what happens. And of course some people like to know beforehand what they are getting into too. In the novel, the chapters are titled like “to the East”, “the meeting of two souls”, “from moth to butterfly” and so on. This, for me, killed the suspense at the beginning of each chapter. I kind of got the gist of what was coming in the following pages. But that’s just me.
The other things that was off for me were the few silly mistakes spread through the book like missing words, inconsistent spelling of names on the same page, sudden change of the sex of the characters from time to time. I am not blaming the author or the editor for such silly mistakes at all. I just think that the finishing touch of the book not good because of these mistakes.

The titling of the chapters is just my opinion and I am in no way trying say that it is wrong just because I prefer it otherwise. I think that the mistakes are a little discouraging because after all the work put into bringing the novel to life if someone points out such mistakes, I am sure the author and the editors alike wouldn’t like it.... at all.
Lastly I want to clear out that I meant no offence to the author or the editor. It is because of people like you that people like me want to keep on reading and writing. With more Bhutanese authors on the rise I must say that it is really inspiring and I feel a kind of pride surge up in me when I hold onto and read books by Bhutanese authors.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Letter to my future children


Dear future son/daughter,
This is your dad (from 2016). I don’t know if you’ll ever get to read this letter but still then, weirdly enough, I suddenly got the urge to write this.
First of all I hope you are doing good, both physically and mentally, because with the changing time we can already see that children, especially in their teens, have a lot of problems mostly related to their state of mind. As for the physical health I am sure that your mom and I are doing a great job. And as for me I doing quite well and don’t have much to complaint about.
Anyways let’s get to the point; I want you to know that I am thinking about how I want our relationship to be from now only. I also want you to know that I am slowly planning everything so don’t worry about anything. This doesn’t mean that I am going to decide everything for you and ask you to do things as I please and rid you of your freedom of choice. But you should know that as a parent I will have some expectations from you, which I have come to learn is quite natural and harmless and you need not necessarily fulfill my expectations; it’s all up to you.
I want our relationship to be of siblings and not that of a parent and child. I want you to share anything you feel like sharing with me and not hesitate even a bit. That way we can be close to each other and we will be able to understand each other a lot better. If you are stressed because of your studies or because of your social life, share it with me, if you want to. I may not be able to solve everything but I promise you that I’ll do whatever I can so that you can tackle the obstacles in your life. I will always be there to listen to your problems no matter how big or small and always be by your side as you face them one at a time.
I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest and have no regrets. I know this is kind of a cliché. “When we grow old, we do not regret the things we did but we regret the things we were not able to do.” Whoever said this, hit the bull’s eye. I know I am still young and have a lot of time to do many things but there are certain things that will never happen in my life again and that’s the only regret I have as of now. So trust me on this one; I am talking from experience. Don’t worry about what other people will say about you or think about you even if they are your closest friends, as long as you are not doing drugs of course. Don’t be shy; make as many friends as you can. They may not be by your side all the time but it’s comforting to know that you have someone to turn to when you need any kind of help. If you like someone ask them out, the worst they can say is no (or not in a million years or you are ugly or I already have a boy/girl friend which are all just different forms of no).
Next thing I have on my list is to tell you that education is very important. You don’t have to top your class (although that would make me proud; no pressure here my love), as long as you learn something that will help you on the path you choose for yourself. What you want to become is all up to you as long as it makes you happy. Don’t worry about your parents not being happy with your decisions. From the outside, it would seem that parents are not happy with their children’s decisions but the truth is every parent will always be proud of their children. Whatever it is you choose to study or do, just make sure that you do it from your heart and give your hundred percent. Knowing that you put your everything into something will not only melt a parent’s heart but it will also satisfy your own soul.
Anyways I guess this is all I have to say for now.

With love,
Your Dad.