Thursday, 23 June 2016

I was scared once

I let fear take the reins
I thought it would make
The best decisions for me
I thought that
Fear would protect me
From being hurt
Because it knew what I wanted
And what I didn’t want
I thought that it would help me
Make the right decisions
To keep the ones close to me
Forever by my side
But I was wrong
It made me lose sight of what I had
And what I could have had
After having been in its “Protection”
For so long
I forgot how it felt to be hurt
And that a little hurt is everyone’s share
But I couldn’t handle the pain
Because I had been, for too long now,
In the warm blue hands of fear
I know now, and I will never forget
I can’t give in to fear anymore
It will never hold the reins
Of my life agian
And I also know
I will still be scared time and again
But this time
I will welcome it like a long lost friend
And show it instead
How wonderful it is
To fall down once

And come back stronger than ever

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