Sunday, 23 March 2014

CLASS OF 2010-2011

I don't know if it's just me or everyone one of my ex-classmates feel the same but what I have noticed about all my classes is that my classes have been the noisiest, the one most of the teachers seem to dislike. Was I the common denominator?????? But that was the only backdrop I think my classes had. From pre-primary to plus two, my classes have been filled with extraordinary people. If you wanted someone to compete with in studies my class had the right people (and god know how much trouble i had trying to keep up with them), very talented sportsmen and women, singers, dancers...... you name it, my class had it. I have been blessed to have met all these amazing people and to have made memories that I'll never ever forget in my entire life.
I can't say which class was my favorite because each one of them has given me so much to hold on to. But I have to say it's the class of 11 and 12 Sci A (2010-2011), Motithang Higher Secondary School that frequently pops up into my thoughts every now and then. Maybe it's because they were the last classes of my school life. What I loved about Sci A was it's diversity of students..... Being section "A" people might think that we had all the nerds and book worms in our class, but that wasn't true, we were like a salad; everything was there. Everyone was good at being themselves and very talented.
Lets start with the field of academics. We had, who we called the 'Power Puff Girls', always together and studying every time. But they were not just a study group, they were friends with common interest like books (and other girly stuff :-p ). Then we had people who camouflaged themselves as any regular student who didn't like studying and who always took part in the noise making. But once the "exams knocked on the doors" they showed their true colors and surprised every one.
Sports. Our class was more of football fanatics. We had players who played for their previous schools, then we had the undiscovered talents and the ones who just loved the game. Our class team was quite strong, if you don't believe me ask the winners trophy of 2010 and runner's up trophy 2011 about it. Playing with other classes whether it was in the wee hours of the morning or right after the classes finished was our thing. We were not just players but very serious followers of the game. We formed groups according to the clubs we followed and bet against each other, the biggest rivalry being Chelsea F.C vs Manchester United F.C. Even one of our power puff girls was involved in the betting. Then we had other talent house in basketball, field events and indoor games.
Singing. I admit we had only a few good singers but when we all sang together we were no less than anyone else. We had students with a diverse choice of songs and music they listened to. This helped us learn more songs and discover more about our friends' personalities. Weird Al, Eminem, Justin Bieber,  Atif Aslam, Kishore Kumar, Ugyen Pandey, Green day, AC/DC, Westlife, Cris Brown, Namgay Jiggs, Bruno Mars, everyone was there. We even had our own anthem which was "Perfect" by Simple Plan. Then there was this thing we did; one person suddenly starts singing and the one by one everyone sung the next lines. For this our favorite was "Pha pha masong...... oh ooooh oh....... zebei bumo.....oh ooooh oh...... lhayi semo......oh ooooh oh". I would love to do this once again.
Our class was not short of talented dancers too...... whether it was performing on stage or inside the classroom during free periods...... both boys and girls could just get the grooves on..... I specially miss performing for my classmates inside the class. Kezang and group's choe gi shey ga, S.Y.T and group's prem ki naiya, Rigzin and friend's remix, even D.K's break dance, Sherab trying the moonwalk and welcome dance for the sports day are some of my personal favorites of the two years of fun together with my classmates.
Comedy. Enos's timing, Jamtsho's arguments, Rukmani's opinions, D.K's one liners, team work between the guys and targeting people to fool around are probably what everybody from our class misses. Making fun of anything at any time of the day, that was how we rolled. Whether it was an old joke, from the internet or our very own original joke made on the spot there wasn't a day deprived of laughter.

When we meet again I don't know whether things will be the same as they were back then, but I do know that we'll make some new ones that will be never forgotten.

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  1. Very refreshing memories tshewang. Your moments just kicked a stimulus in my brain to flashback my memories of school too.....Just loved it,,,,!!!