Monday, 14 July 2014


The night was still young and I was in my room copying some movies from a friend’s hard disk. Then I heard noises from outside, the sound of plastic chairs being dragged along as the boys hurried into the television room to book their seats for the world cup final. It was the day everyone was waiting for a month since the start of the tournament.
Being a Spain supporter I went to watch the game as a neutral, but some part of me inclined towards Germany, maybe because Germany were playing against Brazil in the first world cup match that I watched as a kid in 2002. I, as a football fan, love the midfield position because that’s where all the magic happens. My favorite footballers are mostly midfielders like Lampard, Gerrard, Pirlo, Ballack, and so on and maybe this is also one on of the reasons for supporting Germany because in my opinion they had the better midfielders.
The whistle blew to signal the beginning of, what became a thrilling hundred and twenty minutes of magic, drama, awes and most of all pure entertainment. Both the side pushed on very hard from the very beginning and there were chances being created at both ends of the pitch. Of course I don’t need to go in detail about what happened in the game because I’m sure everyone has watched it (and if you didn’t, I don’t know what you were thinking. You probably regret it now). The action was not only going on in the pitch and the stadium but also in our little television room. When Gonzalo Higuaín put the ball into the net, all the fans of Argentina roared with loud cheers and stood up. But then the camera focused on the lines man at the far end showing an off-side signal and it was our turn to stand up and roar with jeers.
The night went on with both sides displaying amazing teamwork, skills, individual brilliance, passion for the game and most of all hunger for the ultimate glory; the world cup. Schweinsteiger’s resilience, Higuain’s misses, Messi’s control, Neuer’s saves, Germany’s efficient passing, and Argentina’s fast paced counters…….. All in all it was showcase of the best of the very best.
Germany were finally able the break the ice from a brilliant ball from Schurrle and an even better control and finish by Mario Gotze in the dying minutes of the second half of the extra time.

My heartfelt congratulations to Manuel Neuer (Golden glove), Lionel Messi (Golden ball), James Rodriguez (Golden boot), Paul Pogba (Young player), Argentina for their brilliant display and Germany for winning the title. For me both teams deserved to win the title because of the way they played yesterday.

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