Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Women Are Not Equal to Men

The debate is as old as time and like time people’s perspective on it has also changed. The year is 2017 and even with the abundance of evidences; women still say that they are equal to men. Well they are absolutely wrong because they are far better. William Golding, a British author, said, “I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been.”
Of course, if we turn back the pages of history women have been mistreated, undermined, not given equal rights,  all in all they have been under the shoes of men. But that is not because they are not better; it’s just a matter of physical strength and the ever expanding ego of men.
Women can do as much as a man can and even better if you ask me.
There is this picture on the internet with a group of animals; a monkey, a fish, a crocodile, a snake (to be honest I don’t remember which animals) in front of a tree. And there is this man who is saying, “To be fair to everyone, everyone has to do the same test, that is, climb the tree”. This picture is mainly used to criticize the education system. But the same thing happens when we compare men and women.
And in recent times we have seen that women and voicing out for themselves and for others who can’t, which is good thing because their voices need to be heard and they have to be given their fundamental rights, not only as women but also as human beings. Before being mothers or daughters or sisters or lovers, remember that they are human beings. I support these movements but sometimes they really get into my nerves. Well actually it’s not the wide scale movements that tick me off; it’s what happens in small groups that does the trick.
“Why should boys have all the fun?” Yes, I agree that boys aren’t the only ones allowed to have “fun”. Girls should be given the freedom to do what they want to do for “fun” and enjoy life. If you want to go party, go party. Want to have a drink? Drink. Puff a cigarette if that’s what you want. Do whatever you feel like doing, but don’t do it to be on the same level as men. You are not coming up to equal levels, you are coming down. Do it because you want to and because you have the choice whether to do it or not. 
Most people say that women have been suppressed for too long. I beg to differ. Men can never suppress women. It’s the women who chose to be silent and let me tell you this; silence is not always a sign of weakness. Sometimes it takes more strength to stay silent than to speak up. And over time, this silence got into our (men) head. It just boosted the ego of men and their claim to supremacy.
 Another thing I dislike is how much manlier (not physically) women are becoming these days, mentally and behaviorally as well. I think it helps to know what men are usually talking about and have some thoughts on that as well and be open minded about it as much as you want to be. But don’t turn into men, we already have enough. I have been through this paragraph a lot of time, editing and erasing and re-editing and erasing because I kind of sound like I am against women speaking out their minds. But I am honestly not. Personally I prefer it when girls behave like proper women, minding their manners and especially their language. Like I said before, you are not coming up to the level of men doing it, you are coming down. I have always admired women who speak properly after understanding where they are and who they are with. It’s this very quality in most women that convinces me that they are better than men. Running your mouth just because you want to and can doesn’t mean you should.
In conclusion, don’t try to be like men. Be the delicate and pretty woman you have always been and bring balance in the world of men. Be the one who chose silence over a stupid ego contest. Be you, be a proper woman.
 Don’t come down.

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