Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Did you ever feel like someone is following you? Like a pair of eyes are always on you? I do. I always feel like there’s a pair of eyes always on me. And maybe that’s why I always kind of censor my actions. And sometimes even the things that I am kind of good at, I feel like I am doing them just to impress those eyes.
God? A ghost? Or just my own conscience? Or a really good stalker? Which one are you?
And this might sound crazy but I like talking to them sometimes. Because I don’t feel alone anymore. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to.

This is not something I started feeling recently, I have had this feeling since forever. I just didn’t share it with anyone, not one soul. Sometimes I feel like I am not who I appear to be in front of others or for that matter even myself. 


  1. You might have gone "coo coo". At least that's my diagnosis

  2. Not going "coo coo".... have always been one